The War in Ukraine, 7 Months Later. How are Things Going Now and How You Can Help Us?

The War in Ukraine, 7 Months Later. How are Things Going Now and How You Can Help Us?

In this article, we will share with you what is happening in Ukraine right now, how things are in our company since the war began, and how you can support Ukraine to survive this war


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01. What Happened in Ukraine in the Last 7 Months02. The IT Industry at War: What Does NOXU Do?03. How Does the War Affect the Work of Our Company?04. What Have We Done to Improve Working Conditions of our Employees?05. What You Can Do to Support Ukraine06. Conclusions

What Happened in Ukraine in the Last 7 Months

On February 24, Russia's invasion of Ukraine began. Putin, having failed to achieve what he wanted, in particular the capture of Kyiv, due to the stubborn resistance of the Ukrainians, focused on the capture of Donbass and the southern regions of Ukraine. On many fronts, the Russian offensive was unsuccessful, but at the beginning of the war, through active military action, Russian troops succeeded in capturing almost all of southern Ukraine. For 7 months the Ukrainian Army had been heroically holding the line, destroying enemy equipment and infantry, as well as going on a counteroffensive.

On April 13, a Ukrainian Neptune missile destroyed the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the cruiser Moskva. On May 9, Biden signed a lend-lease provision for Ukraine. Then, on June 23, Ukraine received official candidate status for EU membership. A bit later, on June 29, NATO leaders approved a new strategic concept, naming Russia the main threat to the alliance's security. On July 26, the Council of the European Union decided to prolong sanctions against Russia until January 31, 2023.

Since the beginning of the war, Ukrainians have constantly heard sirens, artillery volleys, explosions, and the rumble of air defense systems. Many factories, oil depots, villages, schools, and hospitals have been destroyed by Russian invaders. Hundreds of thousands of maimed people, tens of thousands killed, grief, blood, and hatred. The position of the Ukrainian side on negotiations with Russia is as follows: without Russia's withdrawal from Crimea and Donbass, Ukraine will not conduct peace negotiations.

The IT Industry at War: What Does NOXU Do?

Our IT company is surviving an invasion by Russian invaders. Despite all the difficulties, we are doing our best to help our country survive this war. We help Ukraine on the informational front, provide financial support and support refugees.

Financial aid

In the first days the company organized fundraising to support the country, our company gave a total of $4,000 to support the country, including military aid, medicine and humanitarian aid. We happily support a variety of volunteer and charity initiatives. A significant portion of the contributions is the money of the company's employees who care. All funds go to the front and local defense. Our team continues to work because this is the only way we will be able to financially support the economy of Ukraine.


We study the requests of refugees, register their needs. Through networking we ensure that our volunteer friends go abroad to deliver medicines to our refugees and provide various assistance, with settlement, food, psychological support and to provide conditions for rest from the road. In addition, we buy medicines, put together packages of humanitarian aid and send them to people in need.

Informational support

Our company developed bots and created sites to help on the informational front and collect donations. In addition, we are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of disinformation on social networks.

How Does the War Affect the Work of Our Company?

For 7 months of war we have resumed full work, and now we are financially supporting the Ukrainian economy. We help our employees who are forced to leave their homes searching for a safe haven. We will tell you how our clients reacted to the war, how our employees feel, whether we plan to lay off or, on the contrary, to attract new specialists.

How are our associates doing?

Before the war, all NOXU associates worked in the office in Dnipro, but after the start of the offensive, some of them went abroad and work remotely. Nevertheless, the situation in Dnipro is more or less stable, so most of the employees are in Dnipro. Now all our team members have a stable internet connection, are safe, feel calm and continue to work. Our goal is to maintain existing business relationships and fulfill our obligations to our customers by fully implementing the projects we've taken on.

We haven't stopped the work process

Despite the war, life in the company is getting better, we are taking on new projects and gradually expanding. After the start of the war, we did not stop working.

The work processes slowed down at first, many employees began to evacuate, some sat in basements, with low network speed, and even in such conditions we continued to work, not to let our customers down. We are not planning to reduce the number of specialists and still actively looking for specialists both in Ukraine and abroad. All specialists can choose to work remotely.

Our company's efficiency has not decreased

All of our specialists continue to perform daily tasks, the development of our projects does not stop. Our efficiency has hardly diminished. We hold daily meetings, ensure timely completion of tasks, promptly respond to all customer questions and solve problems that arise. Almost all clients treated with understanding to the situation, and we lost only a few projects at the initiative of clients.

What Have We Done to Improve Working Conditions of our Employees?

In the difficult and tense situation in Ukraine, it is important to carry out constant and weighty support of employees to keep their spirits up and not let them give up. We are actively helping employees with relocation, as well as adapting to the new environment and transitioning to remote work. To facilitate the work process of our employees, we have implemented several specific actions.

1. Remote Work

After the war began, many employees were forced to leave their home to live in western Ukraine, or go abroad. Because of this, it was decided to set up a process and opportunities to work remotely for those employees who could not visit the office in Dnipro.

2. Relocation

The company is expanding its presence in the West. Some of our local teams are already working in Poland and the USA. Relocation to the West is conditioned both by the current situation in Ukraine and by the fulfillment of our global expansion strategy, which our company has been preparing for many years. Our main task is to fulfill our obligations to our customers, as well as to provide comfortable working conditions for our employees, who relocated because of the war.

3. Time Off

In times of war, amidst the nightmarish news, it is very difficult to work and fully reflect on work issues, especially during air raid sirens and artillery shelling. Many employees need time to relocate, rest, family safety and several other reasons incompatible with work.

Because of this, we decided to give our employees the opportunity to take time off if needed and resolve all of their issues.

4. Financial Aid

We gave $2,500 in financial aid to our war-affected employees and those who have left the Country, as well as their families. So, the company covered the cost of lodging, food, and tickets or gasoline for the team members.

What You Can Do to Support Ukraine

Ukrainians are going through a difficult time, and they require support now more than ever. Many users are wondering how they can help Ukraine, improve the situation in our country and bring us closer to a great victory over the Russians. In this section, especially for you, we will share all the ways you can help us.

1. Keep Working With Ukrainian IT Companies

Today, IT is one of the few industries that continues to work and bring money into the country. Therefore, by continuing to place projects and orders for software development in Ukraine, you not only receive services of the highest quality, but also directly support the Ukrainian economy.

Considering that our company officially pays taxes to the Ukrainian budget, this money will be used for military and medical needs, and also to support the economy.

If you want to support Ukraine, don't stop cooperating with Ukrainian companies because of the war. You don't have to worry about the performance of our company and our ability to bring the project to an end. All our employees are now safe, we are doing our best to develop innovative products, fully complying with your requirements and goals. Working with Ukrainian companies, you attract investments to our country and get high-quality services because the Ukrainian IT sphere is impressive.

2. Provide Financial Aid

If you would like to provide financial aid to Ukraine, to support our army, economy, purchase of medicines, humanitarian aid and various logistical issues, we have collected accounts of verified organizations for you to send financial support. Even small donations will be very useful for our country.

Come Back Alive

Ukrainian Foundation, one of the largest funds for assistance to the Ukrainian military. When the enemy horde has already managed to disperse to different corners of Ukraine, support for our soldiers becomes more urgent than ever. The Come Back Alive Foundation team works hard 7 days a week to provide material support to the Ukrainian army, giving defenders everything they need to keep them alive and destroy the enemy.

If you would like to make a donation, payment details can be found on the official Come Back Alive donation page, or right here:


Company Name
IBAN Code (Euro)
IBAN Code (US Dollars)
Name of the bank
Bank SWIFT code
Company address
Purpose of payment
Charitable donation to Ukrainian military Come Back Alive also accepts cryptocurrency donations.

National Bank of Ukraine

The National Bank has opened a special account to collect funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This decision was taken due to the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, the armed aggression of the Russian Federation and the threat to the state independence of Ukraine and its territorial integrity.

You can find payment details here:


Beneficiary: National Bank of Ukraine
Beneficiary BIC: NBUA UA UX
Beneficiary address: 9 Instytutska St, Kyiv 01601, Ukraine
Account number: 400807238
Beneficiary bank name: JP MORGAN CHASE BANK, New York
Beneficiary bank BIC: CHASUS33 ABA 0210 0002 1
Beneficiary bank address: 383 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017, USA
Purpose of payment: for crediting account 47330992708

Beneficiary: National Bank of Ukraine
IBAN DE05504000005040040066
Beneficiary bank name: DEUTSCHE BUNDESBANK, Frankfurt
Beneficiary bank BIC: MARKDEFF
Beneficiary bank address: Wilhelm-Epstein-Strasse 14, 60431 Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Purpose of payment: for crediting account 47330992708

If you wish to provide financial assistance to Ukrainian refugees and citizens affected by Russian terrorism in Ukraine, the National Bank Ukraine provides an account for humanitarian aid as we

Razom for Ukraine

Razom is a volunteer organization that provides everything the Ukrainipopulation and military need. The organization effectively delivers critical goods where they are most needed and strives to ensure that as many cities avillages in Ukraine as possible are supplied with everything they need. You can donate using the most convenient method: send a bank transfer, donate wiPayPal or a credit card.


Bank of America
Routing Number: 026009593
Account Number: 483086352865
Beneficiary: RAZOM INC.
140 Second Ave, Suite 305 New York, NY 10003

Capital One Bank
Routing Number: 065000090
Account Number: 7528775327

3. Help Ukrainian Refugees

Ukrainian families displaced from their homes are seeking safe havens around the world. Ukrainians left all their belongings after the war began and are in great need of help. Ukrainian refugees require housing, jobs, food, and financial help. Help refugees in any way you can. Contact local authorities in any way you can and find out how and where you can help Ukrainian refugees in your city. If you provide Ukrainian refugees with a place to sleep or live, you will save their lives. Find services or local communities that coordinate the movement of refugees and help you host them.

4. Write About Ukraine, Share Only Verified News

We live in a digital age, all people have open and free access to information about what is happening in conflict zones. If you are a journalist, social networker, or YouTube channel writer, you have an opportunity to help Ukraine by spreading the truth about the war and covering current events in the media.

By telling the truth, you make a significant contribution to peace and saving lives. Russia, in addition to genocide, killing civilians and destroying civilian buildings, is waging a propaganda information war and is not ashamed to tell lies and fake information in the media. Support the truth, do not believe Russian propaganda, and trust only verified and official news sources.

5. Organize and Participate in Peaceful Protests

Many countries have already provided substantial assistance to Ukraine in the war with Russia. Military, humanitarian and financial aid helps to strengthen Ukraine and withstand Russian aggression. Thanks to sanctions, Russia's economy is gradually collapsing. Russia is committing war crimes, killing civilians, and bombing. Closing the skies over Ukraine is critical to the safety of civilian life. NATO countries have refused to close the skies over Ukraine, but if you keep protesting, the chance that your countries' authorities will change their minds will increase. In addition to closing the skies, we still need financial, military and humanitarian aid, especially long-range artillery.

6. Ban Russian Business and Support Ukrainian Business

By supporting Russian business, you are supporting Russia itself, investing in its war crimes. Therefore, if you care about the situation in Ukraine, stop buying Russian products, boycott brands operating in Russia, and stop cooperating with Russian companies. If you isolate the Russian economy from the outside world, it cannot finance a war. In addition to weakening the Russian economy, it is important to strengthen the Ukrainian economy. If foreign companies stop cooperating with Ukraine, things will be terrible. So support the Ukrainian economy by buying goods and ordering services from Ukrainian companies.


You found out how our company has adapted to the new reality and how we support employees and the country. Predictions by analysts and political experts change daily, and there is no certainty or accurate prediction as to when the war will end. However, one thing is certain, Ukraine is determined, and will continue to defend its lands from the Russian occupiers. We are sincerely grateful to all companies that support the Ukrainian IT sector and continue to work with us because with this, you strengthen the economy of our country. Ukrainians have courage and a strong will to be free, we will fight to the end for our sovereignty and well-being.


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